Friday, February 17, 2012

CLARIFICATION on DEALS: Williams-Sonoma Complimentary Knife Sharpening - Feb 18-19

Every Williams-Sonoma is offering a different date and time for knife sharpening based on the date of their Knife Sharpening Techniques Class this weekend.  Free knife sharpening requires attending this free Techniques Classes.
  • Galleria - Saturday, 9:30am
  • NorthPark - Sunday, 11:00am
  • HIghland Park Village - Sunday, 12:00pm
Keep your kitchen tools in tip-top shape.  There's nothing better than a sharp knife when preparing food to cook.  Let Williams-Sonoma do the work for you!

Saturday and Sunday, February 18-19 - call your local store for more details
Williams-Sonoma is offering a Complimentary Knife Sharpening Day
Bring your favorite straight-edge knife* into your local store, and we’ll be happy to sharpen it for you.
*Limit of one knife per customer. No serrated, ceramic-blade, single-beveled or pocket knives.
Find a store near you.

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