Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa

Guacamole and football go together like Ernie and Bert; Laverne and Shirley; Starsky and Hutch.  Try a little twist this time with a tomatillo-avocado salsa.  My dad’s assistant for 16 years, Deb, obtained this recipe from the The Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene, TX.  When they sent her the recipe, it was in proportion to feed 500.  Thankfully Deb adjusted it – now it makes about 2 cups!

Eat it with chips or serve it over grilled chicken or fish.  As Jerry Jeff Walker might sing “I knew a man Bojangles and he’d dance for” this salsa.  “Aye, aye, aye, Katy” if you don’t share that salsa then I’ll back you “up against the wall.”  Now that’s some good dip!  (Name those songs and you’ll win the distinct pleasure of being a big JJW fan!)

    Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa
  1. 6 average sized (1.5” diameter) tomatillos
  2. 2-3 serrano peppers, the size of an average finger (start with 2, you can always add more)
  3. ½ average white or yellow onion, cut in quarters
  4. 1/8 t garlic powder
  5. ¼ bunch cilantro or to taste (recipe says stems included – if I was making it for 500, I’d agree – since I’m not, I pull off the leaves as much as possible)
  6. 1 t salt
  7. 4-5 avocados
  8. 2-3 T lime juice
  9. Corn chips, like Tostitos Scoops
Remove the skin from the tomatillos.  Wash in sink to remove waxy coating on the tomatillos.  Slice in half or quarters.

In a food processor, chop the tomatillos, onion, cilantro and serranos until you reach desired consistency. 

Transfer processed items to a bowl and add avocado (dice it into small squares about 1/8"), garlic powder, salt and lime juice.  Mix well.  "Cut" avocados more, if necessary, using the tines of a fork.  The salsa is even better after a few hours or the next day once the flavors blend.
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Happy Birthday CG!


CG79 said...

Just saw this. Thanks for the shout out! This salsa looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

It is Amazing. Just had it this week for the first time at the Gristmill Restaurant.