Thursday, April 5, 2012

Butter Lettuce Salad

Anyone can make a salad.  That must be why salad bars are so prevalent.  Put a variety of ingredients out and you too can be a chef.  Then why does the compilation of lettuce-cheese-fruit-veggie-nut-creamy-acidic-bitter-sweet scare me so.  Let’s take a look at history.  I wore a school uniform for 12 years.  I wish they made Garanimals for adults.  I work with an interior designer.  I follow recipes and would really appreciate if someone could quantify a “pinch” or “to taste”.  

Romaine is a safe bet or spinach, field greens, iceberg, or green leaf.  Next time, try butter lettuce.  Some stores sell it still on the root.  If you have guests, you can pretend like it came straight from your garden.  Kind of like how my mom would remove the fried chicken from the bucket and place it on a platter.  As if… 

My friend, Cathy M., brought this salad as part of a congratulations-you-had-babies-you-must-be-dog-tired-so-here-is-a-meal meal after the birth of Elizabeth and Andrew.  I have said it before – a meal is the best gift ever!


Butter Lettuce Salad
1.      Butter lettuce 
2.      Goat cheese, crumbled
3.      Dried blueberries
4.      Walnuts, crumbled into bite size pieces
5.      Raspberry Walnut vinaigrette dressing, like Litehouse

Remove the lettuce from the root and wash.  Tear leaves into bite size pieces if necessary.  Add ingredients 2-5 in the quantity you prefer. 

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Happy Birthday UW!

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