Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guacamole Deconstructed

Parent tip: put it on a chip and chances are good that my kids will at least try a bite.  Case in point: spinach, shrimp and now avocado.  Avocado is not a surprise since guacamole is a must when we go out for Mexican food.  Historically my homemade guacamole was mashing an avocado and mixing it with Pace picante sauce (a little lime juice and garlic salt if I have the time).  But for you, I set out on a quest to learn how to really make guacamole.  I looked at 7 different recipes including Barefoot Contessa, Rick Bayless and Joy of Cooking.  There are some consistent ingredients: avocado (duh), lime or lemon juice, onion, garlic and salt.  The other ingredients vary based on the recipe so I have created a basic recipe with optional add-ins – kind of like building your own guacamole sundae.

The next time you want your kid to try a new food, put it on a chip and see if this strategy works for you too.  The real test: does anyone have a brussels sprout dip recipe?


1.      3-4 Avocados
2.      2-3 T Lime juice (or lemon juice) 
3.      ½ c chopped onion (or 1 T onion powder)
4.      1-2 cloves garlic (or ¼ - ½ t garlic powder)
5.      ½ - 1 t Salt
Optional add-ins
1.      A pinch – 1 t ground black pepper
2.      1 chopped tomato
3.      Cilantro, chopped
4.      Cumin, 1/8 – ½ t
5.      Chili Powder, ¼ t
6.      Cayenne, ½ t
7.      Green chili like serrano or jalapeno, 1-2 chopped
8.      Hot pepper sauce like Tabasco, 8 dashes

Cut the avocados in half, remove the pit, scoop out the flesh and place in a bowl.  Lightly mash with fork or potato masher.  Place all other ingredients in next and mix well.  If making in advance, place avocado pit in the guacamole to slow down browning. 

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