Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hot!  Hot!  Hot!  On one hand, I am referring to the temperatures in Dallas.  Earlier in the week, we were watching a baseball game played by 6 year olds in a heat index of 102.  A) it is only June B) my boys are not giving up baseball anytime soon C) not enough Gatorade in the world could quench my thirst.  The temperature of this salsa all depends on how many jalapenos you add.  I must have found a large one because this batch has a kick!
Last week, my friend Deb sent out an SOS because her tomato plants overfloweth.  Annie, my friend from McAllen, answered the call with her homemade salsa recipe.  I made this dish earlier in the week but we ate it before I could take a picture.  Darn – I had to make it again!

1.      4-5 large tomatoes 
2.      ½ to 1 onion
3.      Cilantro
4.      Jalapeno pepper
5.      1-2 cloves of garlic
6.      ½ T lime juice
7.      1 t salt

Place ingredients #1-5 in a food processor and blend together.  In case you were wondering, I used 5 tomatoes, 1/2 sweet yellow onion, 1/4 bunch of cilantro, 1 jalapeno pepper and 2 cloves of garlic.  Pour salsa in a strainer to remove the excess liquid.  Pout into a bowl then add the lime juice and salt.  Stir to combine. Serve with chips.


Stacey said...

Did you boil the tomatoes at all or just throw them in the blender raw?

The Baker's Mann said...

Hi Stacey - I threw them in raw, skin and all (although I did remove the white part where the stem attaches at the top). I did the same for the jalapeno - removed the stem and the white part inside, left some seeds though. I also pulled off the cilantro leaves from the stem - but that's just me.

Stacey said...

Great, thanks for the info. I have always used canned tomatoes but I wanted to start using fresh tomatoes but wasn't really sure what to do with them to prep them.