Thursday, October 11, 2012

Queso Compuesto

Texas-OU.  A full week of smack talking, chest beating and wagering.  It’s a rivalry 106 years old.  Friendships are put on hold for 4 hours. A stadium that is half orange and half red.

The game also means a Fletcher’s corny dog and other fried concoctions, “meet at the left toe of Big Tex,” husbands who want to be at the Fair when the gates open to eat corny dogs and drink beer at 9am, traffic and questionable parking lots, ticket shuffle, crazy students who certainly don’t resemble us when we were that age, long lines for the bathroom, and Travis and Andrew’s first TX-OU (it’s “too loud” for Elizabeth).

When in Austin, a go-to restaurant is Matt’s El Rancho.  They serve a queso appetizer called the Bob Armstrong dip.  In Dallas you can get your fix at Mattito’s or try this rendition at home.  No matter the colors that you wear or the team that you cheer for, this queso is always a winner. 

It’s 8am on the Thursday before TX-OU and OU still stinks  (yes, I know what the real saying is but this is a family blog).

Queso Compuesto
1.      1 lb Velveeta
2.      1 can Rotel
3.      1 lb ground beef
4.      1 packet taco seasoning, like McCormick
5.      1 small container sour cream
6.      Guacamole
7.      Tortilla chips

Cut up the Velveeta into small chunks.  Place in a large saucepan and add the Rotel.  Cook on low heat until the Velveeta melts, stirring frequently. 

Separately, brown the ground beef and once done, drain the grease.  Return to the pan, add the taco seasoning and follow the directions on the packet.

To assemble, pour the queso into a bowl.  Add dollops of the seasoned ground beef, sour cream and guacamole.  Stir and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

The parking lots open at 7 and the gates open at 8. I'll be a 'dog and a beer ahead of D by 9. The Fried Snickers and/or Fried Oreos are post-game food.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll ahead, too. Probably forever, too. I don't see D taking it that far.

The Baker's Mann said...

PLEASE, save my marriage, pick up David on your way!

GiftPepper said...

Bob Armstrong dip at Matt's is one of my favorite food detours in Austin. So glad to know how to make it at home!