Thursday, December 6, 2012

Desserts - A Year in Review

Dessert is the most important part of every meal – I mean, have you ever heard the phrase “life is short, eat your vegetables first”?  Therefore, we will begin our review of the past year of The Baker’s Mann with dessert.  TBM doesn’t discriminate against dessert types or flavors – take your pick between chocolate, ice cream, fruit, cookies, cakes and pies.  Did you know that “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts”?  So don’t stress, eat dessert!

Chocolate Sheath Cake
·         Butterfinger Ice Cream Pie 
·         Chocolate Sheath Cake
·         Chocolate Praline Cake
·         Blackberry Cobbler
·         Peach Cobbler
·         Raspberry Parfait
·         Lemon Bundt Cake
Blackberry Cobbler
·         Lemon Squares
·         Rice Krispies® Treats
·         Almond Cake with Berries
·         Oreo Fudge Bars
·         Chocolate Pecan Pie
·         Chocolate Mousse
·         Palmiers Two Ways
·         Waffle Sundaes
·         Bananas Foster
·         Lemon Cake

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