Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MIB: Crack Open a Coconut

Ten years ago, Travis entered our lives (ten days overdue, with a full head of hair, a little mini-David).  He captured our hearts and continues to amaze us.  He is kind and strong-willed; reserved and mischievous; focused and funny.  He is a natural big brother, that is, when he is not antagonizing Elizabeth and Andrew. 

3 soft spots at the top make it easier to drain the water
Travis, the inspiration behind the “Mom, I’m Bored” series, saw a coconut in the grocery store and wanted to open one up.  I had no idea how to do it so we bought one anyways.  A few things: 1) coconuts have 3 soft spots where you can puncture and drain the coconut water out and 2) the coconuts at your grocery store may be have been “prepared” for opening with a line already cut partially through the thick skin.

The pre-made cuts look like an equator but help in opening
the coconut with a hammer or a knife (by an adult)
Travis used our crack-open-a-coconut activity as an opportunity to get out a power screwdriver and drilled holes in the soft spots.  We then turned the coconut upside down in a bowl and drained the water.  Next, we wrapped the coconut in a towel, aimed for the middle (where the pre-made cuts were located) and broke it open (the towel keeps the pieces from flying all over the kitchen). 

We tasted the coconut water and the meat.  I will tell you – this is no Almond Joy – but it was a fun adventure. 

Happy 10th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Travis
and many more!!

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