Saturday, December 30, 2017


Chicken Chili
It’s cold outside!  I know, Texas is not as cold as other parts of the country right now but…  Between the cold and New Year’s – a day when no one really wants to cook but everyone always wants to eat – we are preparing a chili/soupapalooza. 

Tortilla Soup
Ranch Style Chili
It is hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close.  In the new year, I plan to cook more (in our new house where hopefully more than 1 burner on the stove top functions and the oven doesn’t have as many hot spots).  Best wishes to each of you.  Thank you for sticking with The Baker’s Mann!  Happy cooking, healthy eating (sometimes), and making memories over good food!

What’s cooking in our house right now ready to be heated and eated: 

And because you can’t survive only on liquids:


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