Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Bounty with Bread

No joke.  Shopping these days is stressful.  Costco – item is sold out.  Central Market – no available pick up or delivery dates for the coming week.  Tom Thumb – random assortment of options.  Target – item is out of stock.  So, when I find a loaf of bread, is it weird that I feel like I have won the lottery?  (Imagine the feelings if I actually found some Clorox Clean Up, 409 or Wet Ones!)  Back to food.  Now that you have that loaf of bread, you start to strategize about how to use every slice of bread.  Thank goodness there is a freezer and after 20 seconds on defrost in the microwave, those frozen slices of bread will be brought back to life.  

If you are lucky enough to score a loaf of bread, here are some tasty recipes to make with and maximize your prized possession:

Challah or Brioche

French Bread



Hot Dog Buns

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